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At Santino's Bistro we are focused on providing the best quality product and the best possible service while meeting a strict value-for-money goal. We want people to make a visit to our restaurant a regular part of their week and to be able to afford that relaxed night out, with good food and wine,  without breaking the bank. We aim for consistency, for high standards and high turnover. This guarantees our freshest produce and happiest customers. It is a formula which produced a lively synthesis between our business and our customers over eighteen years and we believe Santino's will follow this tradition.  Many people say "But you could charge much more!" We know we are not as expensive as other venues whose food is not as good, but we are all about high quality, good value and repeat business. We love to see people again and again! That's what it's about for us. Whether it's a Saturday night with friends or a quick mid-week family meal, or a take-away when you're too busy to cook, you will find our fresh, quality food is always reliable and affordable.